About Kardos & Goch

Mr. Kardos and Mr. Goch have been partners since 1990. The office handles cases involving personal injury, medical malpractice, workers compensation and estate planning. Mr. Kardos is an experienced Arbitrator, Mediator and regularly serves as a Judge Pro Tem in the Philadelphia Court System. Kardos & Goch has offices in Philadelphia, Bucks County and Montgomery County.
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Noteworthy Cases

Here are links to some select cases litigated by the firm of Kardos & Goch:

1.   Jury Awards $1.7 Mil To Woman Who Claims MD Ignored Symptoms
2.   Kardos & Goch Litigate One of the First Cases Under the MCARE Act of 2002
3.   Kardos & Goch Argue Case Before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court
4.   Kardos & Goch win case where they sued insurance company
forcing them to provide insurance coverage

5.   Kardos & Goch case leads Superior Court to extend the time
that people can sue in medical malpractice cases


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